Aux Vivres/ Huevos Rancheros

Fuck yes sweet potatoes!

Fuck yes sweet potatoes!

We have a fantastic little vegan resto here in Montreal called Aux Vivres (meaning something like To Life!) that serves up the best brunch in town. Not that that’s saying much in this town of very few vegan restos, though there has been some improvement on that front lately. Aux Vivres is one of those health-food vegan type places, with a menu featuring mainly bowls and wraps, a whole lot of juice and some substantial mains. They have excellent cheesecake, don’t serve booze, and have a handy take-out counter so you can enjoy all of the above in the comfort of…. wherever the alcohol is.

I am super stoked that they recently added huevos rancheros to their list of delicious weekend offerings along with blueberry waffles, breakfast polenta, granola and a tofu scramble platter. The meal includes fresh tortillas, refritos, guac, vegan sour cream, pico de gallo, tofu scramble, grilled sweet potatoes and a side salad. It’s big and filling, perfect for Sundays in the park. Here I ordered a chipotle brownie to go with, cause chocolate is an important part of breakfast. I took this feast to go, along with some vegepate wraps for my friends and a bottle of bubbly. Much fun was had at Tamtams that day.

Picnic o'clock!

Picnic o’clock!