Off with a bang: Hello Vegan MoFo!

Vegan MoFo logoWelcome to Sexy Clean Living! Here you will find all that is glorious in the world of food, posted every weekday for the entire month of November. And possibly longer.

I have sooo many exciting recipes to share this month, and other fun things to write about too, like kittens (!!!), and what it’s like being Way Up North in November, how to grow kale in the snow, belly dancing, LARPing, video games, and the benefits of blogging while writing a thesis. Did I mention the kittens?

Tomorrow, a recipe. Today, I finish marking Philosophy 101 essays… In the meantime:

My kittens, Malcolm and Inara, make muffins.

Malcolm, aka Baker #1, is the baddest little tabby boy. Inara, aka Baker #2, supervises.


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